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Implant types and types of anchoring

If conservative measures and alternative surgical interventions do not lead to satisfactory results, if pain increases and the quality of life diminishes, then the need for an artificial replacement of the joint becomes evident. There are a number of different types of implants and methods of fixation available.
Cementless Hip
It is usually reserved for patients under the age of about 75 to 80 years, since one can expect the bone to be vital enough to accept the cementless implant and provide a strong bond between bone and implant. As the picture shows, the implants fits exactly into the prepared bony cavity in the pelvis and the femur.
Hybrid Hip
This is a common implantation technique used today and combines the advantages of cementless and cemented techniques (therefore "hybrid" because two techniques are combined). The acetabular (socket) component is implanted without cement while the femoral component (thigh) is secured to the bone with a so-called "bone cement", comparable to a two-component glue.
In case a revision procedure becomes necessary after many years free of pain, we can often help by exchanging only the worn bearing surfaces, which is quite a small procedure. But even if more extensive surgery should be warranted, special implants and advanced surgical techniques are at our disposal.

The bearing materials: As little friction as possible

The main reason for the failure of an implant is wear as a result of years of use and abuse of the bearing materials. Consequently today's bearing materials are made with a high resistance to wear. Polyethylenes, metals and ceramics have proven to be the best bearing partners. The decision on which material best suits you depends on many factors and will be made in a discussion between you and your surgeon.
Good functionality for many years

With the modern implants used today, the results of joint replacement surgery are excellent. Studies show that over 90 percent of the implants still work very well after 15 to 20 years. We utilize only proven implants of the highest quality made by the worlds leading manufacturers. Which implant is best suited for you will be discussed in a personal conversation between you and your surgeon.
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