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Experience is no substituteProfessor Dr. med. Fritz Lechner was in southern Germany, the pioneer for this surgical-orthopedic interventions. As chief of surgery, he established the reputation of the department specifically in this field.


Ab 1991 setzte Dr. med. Holm Schlemmer, formerly chief medical officer of Professor Lechner, continued this tradition and built the department from further crucial. He led his team the endogap the market leader in southern Germany and in the Top-5 of endoprostheses clinics in Germany.



Seit 2010 ist Dr. med. Christian Fulghum turn, formerly senior physician Dr. Schlemmer, chief physician of the endogap. Together with his senior physicians Dr. Florian Wolpert, Dr. Rolf Schipp and Wolfgang Reng it ensures continuity in the experience and quality of care - from the preliminary study on the planning and operation, post treatment.


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