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A new stage in your life begins

Postoperative Treatment: What we do and what you can do for yourself

The first day after surgery you will start your physiotherapy under guidance of our staff. You will get up for the first time and take your first steps with the help of crutches, which you will use for about three to six weeks. Further physiotherapy will follow to strengthen your muscles and ability to walk. The right amount of therapy is very important, to give the new joint time to adapt to its surroundings and form a strong bond with the bone.


The time in our hospital is usually followed by a period in a recuperation clinic. We will discuss this with you and your insurance company and make the necessary arrangements with the respective clinic, because the right post-operative treatment is as important as the operation itself. Several clinics are available.
We will probably recommend the Dr. Beger Clinic in Garmisch-Partenkirchen to you, since therapy there is conducted strictly in line with our views and we can visit you there regularly


After you have been discharged by the rehabilitation clinic you may need additional physiotherapy. It is a good idea to ask your family doctor or orthopaedic consultant before your operation which physiotherapist might be suitable for you. Visit the relevant practice to familiarize yourself with the premises.

When choosing a physiotherapist be sure to ask whether he or she has specific experience of working with joint replacement patients.


About one year after replacement surgery you should return to our clinic for your first out-patient check-up appointment. Further check-ups are advisable in five-year intervals. Regular check-ups by your surgeon and orthopedist ensure that your joint replacement remains trouble free for as long as possible. He can see possible changes at an early stage and treat them if necessary, sometimes even before you notice any symptoms.

SPORT: yes, but be sensible

After three or four months you will be able to fully enjoy all aspects of life again - at home, at work, or taking part in sports. Care should be taken to choose sporting activities that are gentle on the joints. These include swimming, cycling, walking or hiking, and cross-country skiing. Other suitable sports include golf, alpine skiing and (with restrictions) tennis. For good health regular excercise is very important and sports should therefore be or again become an integral part of your life after joint replacement surgery. The positive effects are not restricted to your heart and blood circulation. The life span of your new joint can also be enhanced through an increased bone metabolism and improved muscular joint guidance. On the other hand wear of the joint is also important. Therefore regular check-ups should be mandatory. As a whole the postive effects of exercises and sports greatly outweigh the negative aspects. Special sport courses developed by endogap can make the return to the sport you love easier and less challenging. In addition a rehabilitation-sportsgroup has been established in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Squash, martial arts and team sports like football, basketball or volleyball. In general, only sports you have mastered before your operation should be taken up again afterwards.
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