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There is no substitute for experience

Preparation, planning, surgery, rehabilitation: All in the same capable hands
Major joint replacement surgery of the hip and knee has been conducted at the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Hospital and Clinics since 1969 and it is well-known as a centre for this kind of surgery all over Germany and abroad. Professor Fritz Lechner was the pioneer for joint replacement surgery in southern Germany and whilst head of the surgery department established its reputation in this particular field.

In 1991 Mr Holm Schlemmer, formerly senior surgeon under Professor Lechner, was appointed head of the department for general and joint replacement surgery. With his team of specialists he established endogap and turned it into one of the top five of German Joint Replacement Clinics.

To underscore its reputation and international success the department for joint replacement surgery was turned into a separate institute in 2005. In conjunction with the Klinikum Garmisch-Partenkirchen it is now operating as "endogap joint replacement institute". Thus an easily recognized brand was created, showing at first glance where it's special competence lies.

Adhering to the motto "never change a winning team", Dr. Schlemmer has turned over the reins of the institute to his former senior surgeon Mr. Christian Fulghum as of Juli 1, 2010. Born in New Jersey, USA, Mr. Fulghum first joined the clinic in 1985. After completing fellowship training in the USA and Japan he returned to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and was appointed senior surgeon in 1997. Together with his team of senior surgeons Mr. Florian Wolpert, Mr. Rolf Schipp and Mr. Wolfgang Reng, he ensures continuity of experience and quality of care from preparation, planning and surgery, through to the rehabilitation process.

What you can expect from us

Experienced team

A very experienced arthroplasty team will take care of your complete treatment: From the preliminary investigation, planning and execution of the operation to rehabilitation.

Vast body of experience

Our team performs over 2.500 joint replacement surgeries of the hip and knee a year. As a result we have accumulated a vast body of experience over the last 45 years. This knowledge and a wide range of modern implants guarantee our patients the best possible individual care.

Revision Surgery

One of the focal points of endogap Joint Replacemente Institute. Special implants and intricate techniques have been developed for these sometimes demanding surgeries.

Strong connections

We have strong links with other leading joint replacement centres in Germany, Switzerland and the USA, with whom we continuously exchange information. We are therefore always able to provide the latest technology in all aspects of joint replacement.

Choice of implants

Dependent on the personal situation of each individual patient (e.g. age, expectations and future use, bone quality etc.) we use cemented as well as uncemented implants or a combination of both. We also implement bearing materials with different wear characteristics, which have a considerable influence on the durability of the implant.

Continuous individual care

Seven to ten days after surgery the recuperation phase begins in specialized clinics. We organize this for our patients. One centre has special advantages in this respect: The Klinik Dr. Beger in Garmisch-Partenkirchen cooperates closely with our centre and thus guarantees continous individual care, geared to your particular needs.
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